Expired1-4 Family Residential Contracts Workshop with Cathy Crowe

1-4 Family Contract Details

Saturday, December 7th, 2019 

11:00 am – 2:00 pm 

Dallas REIG Meeting Room || 717 E Border St. Arlington, TX 76010


Have you ever had Contract Regret?
“Desperate Deals Means Disastrous Results”

Nothing is more important that knowing what you’re signing.
Let Cathy Crowe guide you to Contract Satisfaction

Join the Dallas REIG-Home Team with guest speaker Cathy Crowe-owner/operator of Investor Deals

Cathy is a 39-year veteran in the real estate business (as a Broker and Investor) and she knows contracts!
During this Contracts Workshop you will learn all you need to know to correctly complete a 1-4 Residential Family Contract to protect yourself as well as find out how and when you can void the contract to back out of a deal. You will never fear writing an offer again.

What will be covered:
• The 1-4 Family Contract line by line
• Clear definition of terms between the seller and the buyer explained
• Addenda
• How to legally “Assign” a Wholesale deal under Texas Law
• Some of Cathy's little-known secrets
• And Much More!

If you ever want to sell a property or make an offer to buy a property, you need to be at this workshop.
Here's your chance to have all your 1-4 Family Residential Contract answered.
Seats are limited and going fast!