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90 Days to Your First Multi-family Check 2017 Launch

Scott Freebairn,

Cambridge Investment Group

Next Level Realty Group Training Room

717 E Border St. Arlington, Texas 76010

February 8, 2017

6:30 pm – 9:00 pm

Would you believe there are at least 11 reasons why Multi-Family is the BEST VEHICLE for your investment dollars?


Would believe, you really can invest in real estate without having to deal with Tenants, Toilets and Trash?

If you answered “no” to either of the questions, then you will not want to miss our February 8, 2017 presentation, when Scott Freebairn of the Cambridge Investment Group will here to show you why you should be investing in apartment complexes and how you can do it without lifting a single toilet seat…

Scott will also show you how you can be just 90 Days away from earning your First Multi-Family check.

You read that right. You’re could be a short three months away from earning your first Multi-Family pay day.

With single family home inventory being at all-time lows, now is a very “Good Time” to invest in Multi-Family property.

Join us for our new Multi-Family for Beginners rollout and be the first to learn:

  • Learn the 6 Ways to Make Money with Multifamily
  • Discover Two Things” Sophisticated Investors” Focus on and How You Can Profit
  • The Steps to Your First Multifamily Check
  • The 10 steps that MUST be taken to Earn Your First Multifamily Deal without Getting a Credit Check or Qualifying for a Loan.
  • Twelve Multi-family Lead Sources
  • Where to Find Funding Investors for Your Deals
  • How to Add Zeros to Your Single-Family Profits!

 Zero is your Hero…

Come and learn how to wholesale apartment buildings like Scott and add a Zero to your profits!

Great News!

  • You don’t need good credit, a large sum of money, or even a job to get a big check from a multifamily deal!
  • You Can Get Started Today!

A Few Words About Scott Freebairn:

Scott Freebairn is a full-time multi-family real estate investor and CEO of  a boutique property management company that he uses to manage his own portfolio of properties.  “The greatest opportunity in this business,” he says, “comes from bad management.”  When first starting out, Scott used this knowledge to his advantage and purchased 3 smaller apartment complexes managed by the same management company simply because he knew that the properties would have high vacancy and need lots of repairs.