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$30K Flips In Your Own Backyard:

Abandoned, Distressed & Vacant Properties For Pennies On The Dollars 


Presented By International Speaker, Author & Active RE Investor
Reggie Brooks

Saturday||August 18, 2018||9:00 am – 5:30 pm

All over America, people have walked away from their real estate for one reason or another. Divorces, major illnesses, a death in the family, financial trouble, job relocation, etc. are a few of the reasons. Many of these owners are still paying the mortgage every month because they want to preserve their credit.

They might like to rent or sell the property, but they feel that no one will want the property in the poor condition that it’s in, and they don’t have the money to fix it up. They just keep making the payments. Join us at this very special workshop with Reggie Brooks and you will learn how to find these “abandoned/distressed
properties”, find the owners, and structure a transaction that is mutually beneficial to both parties.

You will also learn how to “automate the process” of finding the property and the owners, thus creating a cookie-cutter type business where you get the abandoned properties “chasing you”, rather than the other way around.

This workshop will include case studies of people who have used the Abandoned Property system and made significant profits.

The profit potential of Abandoned Properties is higher than you might expect because of the mindset of an owner who has walked away from his/her property. They have a “property headache”, and are usually not interested in squeezing every dime of equity out of the property. They simply want out…

One of the best things about Abandoned Properties is that they're in your own backyard all over the country.

So if you've said, “Oh yeah, I’ve seen those properties before! I’ve always wondered how to make money with them.

Join us for this workshop and never pass another one of those properties by without knowing what to do next.

Here's What You Will Learn:

· How to invest with no cash
· How to invest with no credit
· Insider secrets that the professional investors use to turn $15,000 profits into $50,000 profits and more
· Hot new tips and insights that the professionals use to find profitable deals – especially in today’s market
· Hidden cash producing secrets that even so called smart investors don’t even know
· How to uncover hidden value in properties that most seasoned investors overlook
· How to profit from properties that most investors consider worthless
· How to write your contracts to maximize your profits
· How to use creative financing to fund your deals
· And Much, Much more!!

Can't wait to see you here!

The Dallas-REIG Home Team