ExpiredCash Flow Series Part 1: Master Sweep Account

Cash Flow Series Part 1:

How to Structure Deals for PASSIVE INCOME Like The Top 1% of Investors

Thursday, January 28, 2021 || 6:30pm-8:30pm || Zoom Conference

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Join the 1%: How to Structure Deals for PASSIVE INCOME Like The Top 1% of Investors with Paul Rossano

Fast cash from flipping properties is swell, but isn’t the REAL goal to generate passive income in amounts big enough to support your family for your lifetime and beyond, without you working all the time?

That’s some seriously ambitious thinking, but this month’s expert is a master at teaching normal folks how to think like the wealthiest on the planet and put together deals that create the maximum return with minimum risk.

This training was developed by George Antone, the author of the 3 best-selling books The Wealthy Code, The Banker’s Code, and The Debt Millionaire. George is an award-winning educator, financier, investor, and an entrepreneur. He is the creator of the largest network of private money lenders in the world; and the go-to person that the big players turn to for help in structuring their larger deals.

Get yourself and your partners, friends, family, and anyone else that you want to be influenced to think bigger to our meeting where George #1 trainer Paul Rossano will share:

  • The most closely guarded strategies of the TOP 1% of investors in the world.
  • How to STRUCTURE your real estate investments to MINIMIZE risk and maximize upside.
  • How to QUANTIFY risk and return, and how to adjust both METRICS to make deals work for you.
  • What key MISTAKES to avoid in order to earn CONSISTENT and dependable passive income.
  • Develop massive CONFIDENCE in your deals by structuring them with perfect precision like the best of the best.
  • How to live a dream LIFESTYLE with less work and less stress but more money and more FREEDOM!

If you’re serious about building passive income while minimizing risk and you’ve been looking for the best training for how that works, this is it. Make sure you’re there to hear it!

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