ExpiredCredit Repair: Turning Tenants Into Qualified Buyers

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Credit is the DNA of real estate investing! Whether you are a savvy real estate investor that buys rentals or wants to convert your tenants into future buyers. It is imperative that you consistently work on credit concepts and the proactive strategies.

Your credit history determines what loans you will qualify for and the interest rate you will pay. Lenders get your credit history by obtaining your credit score. You'll most likely need to borrow funds from a lender. This is why credit is such an important component to the home buying process.

Credit Repair and your tenants…

  1. What/Why is a Credit Report
  2. Who/why info collected/distributed credit report/scores
  3. Importance of good credit score
  4. What makes up a credit score
  5. What is Credit Repair, why consumer may need
  6. Covenant Credit Repair is a “Different Kind of Credit Repair Firm

What do you get with Covenant Credit Repair services? We review our client’s tri-merge credit reports, strategically plan would be the most effective method to get an accurate credit report, create and send dispute letters on a client’s behalf, and much more. We then review updated credit reports, and watch for new alerts that may show on your credit report. We offer personalized credit repair service to Fort Worth, TX, Dallas, TX, and throughout Texas. Sound too good to be true? Let our professional team help you!