ExpiredStep By Step – Fix N Flip for Double Digit Profits

Step By Step – Fix N Flip for Double Digit Profits

Saturday, September 18 | 11:00am-1:30pm | Zoom Conference

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Are you a Wholesaler, Fix and Flipper, Buy and Holder? Ready to benefit from any wholesaler or marketing campaign? Dallas REIG will take an in-depth overview of how to fix n flip in this environment. This will apply to anyone who wants to be in the real estate industry. Learn STEP BY STEP what it takes to run a successful fix and flip operation in today’s market

This is your opportunity to gain the basic strategies, skills, resources, and tools for building a successful Fix, Flip and or/ Hold business.

Fixing & Flipping houses remains quite profitable even in today's real estate market.

Yes, you can make lots of money doing it… 

But you can also lose everything you own if you make one bad decision.


Unfortunately, successfully flipping a property is much easier said than done. If you're considering throwing your hat into the house-flipping arena, there are many things you will need to know how to do before you even get started.



  • Find It – Many different resources and what is working and not working?
  • Figure It – How to quickly analyze the numbers to make sure it’s a deal.
  • Fund It – Show Me The Money! How to creatively fund your deals 
  • Fix It – How much will the rehab cost? Learn how to quickly determine the repairs.
  • Finish It – Sell it for a chunk of money or hold the property for long-term cash flow, appreciation and tax benefits.
  • BONUS – Learn about our Fix N Flip 2 Day Workshop in October

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