ExpiredLand Trusts Made Easy…Taking You Below The Surface and Keeping You Off The Radar!

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Land Trusts Made Easy…

Taking You Below The Surface and Keeping You Off The Radar!

Mr. Land Trust Randy Hughes

September 24, 2016 

11:00 am – 2:00 pm

Dallas-REIG Training Center 717 E Border St. Arlington, Texas 

Lite Lunch and Give-Aways


Do you want to learn how to hide your assets?

How would you like to protect your property from personal liens or judgments?

Would you like to appear broke to the public?


The one and only Mr. Land Trust, Randy Hughes will be here ready to teach you all the benefits of using a Land Trust to hold title to your real estate investments and tell you why using them is so very important to your long term financial health.

You are working very hard to accumulate property for investment and cash flow. Why not take an hour or two to learn how to PROTECT IT!!

There is a lot of wealth to be made in real estate investing, but you have to learn how to protect it or you will lose it! It is actually easier to build wealth than it is to KEEP wealth. Once you reach a certain level of success everybody and their dog and their dog's attorney will want to get their paws on it, whether they have a right to it or not.

Trusts are your first line of defense to insulate yourself (and your family) from the millions of lawsuits happening every year

Would you rather have protection from your number one advisorythe contingency fee lawyer (and his deadbeat client) or would you rather have a bare knuckle fight with him without any defenses in place?

Did you know that unlike Limited Liability Companies (LLC's) and Corporations, Land Trusts are NOT registered anywhere on the planet! Therefore, learning how to link the Land Trust together WITH an LLC or Corporation will give you the ULTIMATE PRIVACY and ASSET PROTECTION!


Finding information about these title holding Land Trust can be very difficult to find.   Most attorneys don't even know how to set up and administer a title holding trust  So, you can't even rely on your local lawyer for accurate trust information

But you're in  luck. We are bringing Mr. Land Trust right here to you.

Randy will be here to discuss:

  • The correct way to hold title to real estate and how you can DO IT YOURSELF (No Attorney Needed)
  • How To Protect Assets

  • Avoid Re-Assessment Upon Sale

  • Avoid Due-On-Sale

  • Safer Contract Sales

  • Make Larger Profits With Land Trusts

  • What Is the Definition of a Land Trust?

  • What Land Trust Forms Do I Need?

  • Where to Find Trustee Services

  • And Much More!!

Being a real estate investor puts you at a higher risk for lawsuit….

                                   Lawsuits are emotionally, physically and financially draining!…

Despite our “innocent until proven guilty” system, you can be 100% innocent and still be sued to the edge of bankruptcy for frivolous reasons!..



Meeting Agenda
11:00 am – 11:30 am – Check-In, Open Networking, Lite Lunch Served
11:30 am – 11:45 am – Intro / Dallas-REIG Upcoming Events Overview
11:45 am – 1:15 pm – Topic Presentation / Q&A
1:15 pm  2:00 pm – Open Networking / Door Prize Give Aways

Can’t Wait To See There!!!


About Our Speaker

randy-hughsRandy Hughes has been a full time real estate investor since 1969 and has purchased over 200 houses. He has lived the life of having nothing and will not let that happen again. Randy's primary goal now is to teach others how to break the cycle of poverty. Randy teaches real estate investment courses throughout the United States. He has written Privacy and Asset Protection books as well as home study courses. Randy’s most popular publications are his Land Trust Made Simple home study courses and live seminars.

Randy has written extensively for local and national real estate publications. He has taught real estate classes at the University of Illinois, Parkland College, and Elgin Community College. Randy has been a licensed Continuing Education Instructor for the Illinois Association of Realtors for 20 years. He also speaks to real estate investment clubs throughout the United States about the many benefits of using Land Trusts for privacy, asset protection, and profits.

Randy Hughes, teaches classes on how to protect your assets and how to become more private with your personal life. He also teaches land trust law, authors the only Land Trust Newsletter and Blog in the country, is the founder of the Land Trust University, and is an expert author for REIClub.com & EzineArticles.com Blog. Randy Hughes has also authored the free report “50 Reasons to Use a Land Trust” for real estate investors.