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LLC's, S- Corp, C-Corp, Limited Partnerships…

Your Force Field Against Lawsuits

Setting Yourself Up For Real Estate Business Success

Gaylene Lonergan, Lonergan Law Firm PLC

To LLC's or To Series LLC? That is the question.

Are you totally confused as to when if ever you should or should not use an LLC to hold your rental property or properties.

Do you know what the tax implications are for each and which one will save you the most money?

And most importantly, what kind of paper work do you need to file with the state and with the Feds.

Bring you Business Entities structure question to 717 E Border in Arlington on Thursday, April 6 at 7:00 pm when Gaylene Rogers, Esquire will be here to guide you through LLCs, Series LLC, C-Corps, S-Corps and answer all your questions regarding setting up your real estate business.