ExpiredOwner Finance Series Part 3: Let’s Talk Closing Costs & Getting Your Deals Closed!

Owner Finance Series Part 3: Let's Talk Closing Costs & Getting Your Deals Closed!

Saturday, August 7 | 11:00am-1:30pm | Zoom Conference

Bonus For Attendees: Free Consultation with our Owner Finance Team!

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Come and learn how owner financing works in real life. Theory and general ideas are great, but that does not tell the real story.
Come and learn from the true experts in the business. We are going to do a high level review of real estate basics, and owner finance basics, including giving you a couple of innovative ideas on where to find your next house OR how to owner finance your existing rental property. Learn who you need on your team AND what you need to get your owner finance deals closed! We will also be discussing the closing costs necessary to close these owner finance transactions!

We know you've heard about Fix & Flip, Wholesale and Buy & Hold strategies – those take capital and credit!  With Owner Financing you can use other people’s money (OPM) , and  other people’s credit (OPC) to create long term, sustainable, generational wealth that's immune to the “boom/bust” real estate cycle. 

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