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Private Money Projects:

Putting Your Money Where Our Mouth Is!


Have you been looking for a passive investment strategy backed by real property?

Joe will be introducing a new program focused around truly-passive income opportunities that you will be able to participate in starting this spring.  Joe will be showing you how the program works and the types of current projects that need your private money. 

You will have an opportunity ask any question while viewing past and current projects. You will see project time-lines so you know how long you money will be put to work for you.

Why You Should Consider Becoming a Private Lender with This Program

  1. It’s one of the oldest, most proven forms of investing; lending capital to another in exchange for interest and eventually your principal, in return.
  2. It's a historically proven strategy: Private lending has been a reliable way of generating profits and cash for literally centuries. 

  3. Predictable Returns: Unlike the unpredictable stock market, real estate investing is less volatile. Properly constructed and with the right borrower, it can deliver timely-predictable returns.
  4. Excellent Cash-Flow: In this low-interest environment, you can earn several times what your bank is paying,

  5.  Secured Investment: Your investment will be secured by the property itself. 

  6.  Leverage Investment Opportunities: It’s called arbitrage: By investing money you have borrowed at a lower rate to earn a higher rate, you can earn an exceptional rate of return and expand your investments.
  7. You'll Look Like A Genius 

Becoming a private lender to real estate developers and builders, and other businesses, can make for big payouts, meet interesting people and associates, and increase cash flow