ExpiredRaise Your Real Estate IQ: The Perfect Tool For Real Estate Investing Deal Finding Automation

Raise Your Real Estate IQ with The Perfect Tool For Real Estate Investing Deal Finding  Automation Training


Real Estate IQ

Next Level Realty Group Training Room

Monday, November 25, 2019 || 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Snacks and Refreshments Provided

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You’ve been searching for deals on the online for hours. You finally find what you know is a “great deal.”. You contact the listing agent to make an offer only to find there are already six offers on your great deal.” Or worst, an offer has already been accepted.

Let's face itfinding discounted houses (“deals”) has become much more difficult than in years past  for novice and seasoned investors alike.

Without “Deals” you have no real estate business…

In today’s real estate market, speed is more important than ever.

But we all know, corners can’t be cut when it comes to…evaluating potential investment properties.

Errors here could not only cost you the deal, but cost you thousands of dollars!!

Done correctly, real estate valuations normally require much time, effort, research knowledge and expertise.

Even professional Real Estate Agents and experienced investor take an average of 20 to 40 minutes to do a complete each valuation.

With thousands of properties coming onto the market every single day, how can anyone ever keep up?

What if we could show you intelligent software that can?…

  • Monitor the market and find investment properties for you in real time
  • Automatically evaluate real estate properties to help you find & close more deals
  • Simplify your due diligence process – each deal comes with its own CMA report
  • Deliver deals straight to your inbox; within minutes of being listed; before anyone else knows about them

Would that be a total game changer?

Do you think you could evaluate multiple deals a day and act right away with a software like this?

Well, when you join Real Estate IQ Monday, they will not only demonstrate how to use such software but he will also be teaching you…

  • How To Become a better Investor by helping you begin to master the basics of CMAs (Comparative Market Analysis).
  • Know where and when to find deals
  • How To Make your life as an investor more productive
  • How To Do Automated Valuations. Today’s computers can do thousands of valuation in a matter of seconds.

Wouldn’t you want to know how to get the upper hand on your competition?

Real Estate IQ has created The Perfect Tool to do just that. And, to help drive your real estate business to the next level.

Come discover your secret weapon for 2018

Whether you are an experienced investor, new investor, or a licensed agent, to become successful you must gain the right knowledge from one of the best in the industry.



Event Agenda:
6:00 pm: REAL ESTATE IQ TRAINING (Bring a Laptop!)- How to use MLS Deal Finder, FastCMA, and Off Market Leads

Bring your deals and we will analyze it together

7:00 pm: Meeting Begins – Deal Pitch

7:15 pm: FEATURE PRESENTATION – Real Estate Valuations – How to get MLS comps and make offers with confidence

  • Establishing Property Value
  • General Rules of thumb for comps
  • Case Study – Let’s evaluate some deals!

8:15 pm

8:30 pm
If you haven’t used this service yet, you need to see why most Real Estate investors are raving about this tool – This service offers EVERYTHING you need to be a successful Real Estate Investor. In addition to the 3 major features – FASTCMA, & OFF MARKET LEADS and MLS DEAL FINDER, you also get access to a Deal Analyzer & a Repair Estimator, and lots of support.

9:00 pm


Real Estate IQ