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Container Business Park Real-World Event

Saturday, October 27th, 2018 

10:00 am – 12:00 pm 


At this exclusive Dallas-REIG Real-World Event we will explore what appears to be the newest eco-friendly trend in housing, and office spacing… Shipping Containers!

Shipping Containers are one of the newest trend and eco-friendly method of creating houses and office buildings. A container office is an office made from a used shipping container. Shipping containers are approximately 320 square feet of used, recycled, and re-purposed potential.

But what does this mean for real estate investor opportunities?

There are about eight million shipping containers in the world right now that are not being used. So why not make them into homes and buildings? If you are limited on funding, building, selling or renting Shipping Containers is an option probably never thought about.

Re-purposing Shipping Containers is an inexpensive way to build. And if the need arises for additional space, you can simply add another container!

Created by Matthijs and Jie Melchiors, Connex Fort Worth is to provide high quality work environment for small businesses and entrepreneurs. A highly collaborative environment that is engaging with its surrounding neighborhood, and which brings positive energy to the area!

Jie Melchiors will be providing details on:

  • Green & Sustainable design – value of architecture design

  • High quality work environment for entrepreneurs and individuals

  • Investment in city revitalization projects

  •  and Opportunities

At this event, you will not only learn how to clean up your small part of the Earth but, you will learn how you can clean up with this new shipping container investing.

Hope you will join us for another Dallas-REIG Exclusive Real-World Event where will see the unique layout of a Shipping Container Business Park while doing a walk-through!

So, mark your calendar and join us Saturday for an interesting look into the future of building unique and eco-friendly homes and offices!!

We hope you will join us!

The Dallas-REIG Home Team!