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Tiny Houses: The Next Big Thing

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Terry Lantrip – Urban Retro

Saturday||July 28, 2018||11:00 am – 1:00 pm

It has been called the “Tiny House Movement,” but is it worth your while to move into this market?

At this exclusive Dallas-REIG meeting we will explore what appears to be the next BIG Thing in real estate trends that's sweeping the nation; Tiny Houses (also known as micro houses, compact houses, mini houses, and little houses). These are houses that range in size from a compact 100 square feet to the more “spacious” 500 square feet, and is centered around downsizing and the notion that you should be able to afford the home you live in.

But what does this mean for real estate investor opportunities?

First, if you are limited on funding, building and selling or renting tiny houses is an option because tiny houses can be built and sold at a profit for less time and money. 

Second, if you have the money but not the time, renting out land to tiny homeowners is a simple way to earn a monthly paycheck.

The tiny home movement is huge and spans all generations from retirees all the way down to Millennials. Retirees are looking for cost effective ways to enjoy their remaining years, families are looking for ways to reduce their costs and focus on their family rather than having things, Millennial just think differently as they don’t focus on material possessions and the biggest interest in tiny homes are single men and women who want a comfortable life.

The movement has become an option to so many who can no longer afford a home due to the increase in the cost of homes and taxes.

As 2018 has proven to be a seller’s market, and with properties only increasing in price, the tiny house market will only continue to grow this year. Like other trends, one this influential… must be worth considering. 

Today, there’s plenty of need for tiny home communities but few investors or developers know how to deal with this new emerging market. Those that do their research, plan well and execute quality developments will prosper.

Come do your research, so you can make your plan to prosper with this Tiny idea.   

Can't wait to see you here!

The Dallas-REIG Home Team



Terry Lantrip is a small developer and small builder that’s focused to this point in the Lake Dallas Downtown District. He came to Lake Dallas when as a 23-year-old he left the family business of real estate investment and purchased the local newspaper. During his time at the newspaper he began to purchase distressed properties, renovated them and built new buildings. As the real estate side began to grow he decided to sell the newspaper. Currently he has 17 rental units including vintage homes, vintage and new mixed use buildings, is battling city hall to get a building permit to build the first two of seven duplexes and is working on the first tiny home village of its kind.