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How To Buy, Sell and Invest in Mortgage Notes:

A Smart Alternative

JW Warr – American Notes Warehouse

Dallas-REIG Education/Training Center

717 E Border St.

Arlington, Texas 76010

March 26, 2016

11:00 am- 2:00 pm

If you're not hearing angel sing when you hear the phrase, “investing in mortgage notes,” then you will want to do what ever it takes to be at our next presentation. You will not only learn how to buy, sell and investing in mortgage notes, but you will learn why they are smart alternative to being a landlord.

 In the world of real estate investing we have so many options for investing our time and money.

But isn’t it true, that most of us want to invest in real estate so that we can choose what to do with our time and more importantly have the money to do it? And let's face it, are you looking for another J-O-BAnd sometimeinvesting in traditional real estate deals can seem like another full-time job. But aren't we all really looking for passive income? Income that comes in whether your laying on the beach, spending time at your child's school event or however you choose to spend your time.

When you join us this Saturday, March 26, JW Warr will be here to show us one of the  easiest and most lucrative ways to invest your money using very little of your time and comparatively speaking, a Small amount of your money.

He will show you an alternative way for you to invest in a buy and hold strategy but HAVE NO…

  • Property Acquisitions Headaches! – Endless marketing, talking to distressed home owners, or property analysis..You’re not buying the property.
  • Property Management Headaches! – clogged toilets, terrible tenants, or broken air conditioners in the August…You’re not the landlord
  • Property Owner Headaches! – Rehabbing, Property Insurance or Property Taxes – You’re not the home owner.

During his presentation, JW will show you how YOU can become the bank and reap all the monetary benefits that they do while enjoying your time the way you want to.

When you invest in notes with JW, you will be able to invest in properties site unseen, nationwide.

And when you invest in notes with JW he does most of the work for you… The hardest physical work you will do is, walking to your mailbox to get your money. What could be better than that???

So if you would like to learn one of the fastest ways to getting your mailbox money,” don’t miss this Saturday’s meeting when we will show you…

  • Why Invest in Mortgage Notes
  • How You Can Have Access To Hundreds of Affordable Notes Each Month Sent Right To Your In-Box
  • How You Can Become “The Bank” and Make Money Like They Do
  • How you Can Earn Yearly Double Digit Interest Rate of Return (whether is an up or down real estate market)
  • How You Can Gain Greater Control Over When and How Much You Invest
  • How Much  Easy It is to Understand than Other Investing Vehicles
  • Why Notes Are More Predictable with Less Fluctuation Than the Stock Market
  • Exit Strategies
  • How To Get Started

It makes sense to use mortgage notes as part of your investment strategy because they provide a safety net from a fluctuating market and offers you a chance to profit from all the good things in real estate while avoiding all the bad things.

The last time JW presented to our group, we left with our heads exploding with new investment possibilities.

Join us for this mind blowing, yet very simple investment strategy that anyone can use for long-term WEALTH that pays double digit returns and is back by real collateral.

Bonus: All attendees will receive the e-book “How To Save Money Even If You're Broke.”

Snacks and Drinks Will Be Served

11:00 am-11:30 pm

OPEN NETWORKING –  Meet fellow real estate entrepreneurs and share knowledge, resources, and expertise in the important business of wealth building through real estate investing.

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See You There!

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