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Changing Video on Homepage

To change the secondary video on the homepage:

  1.  Upload the video unlisted on YT & Copy the YT link of the unlisted new video
  2. Replace the old link, with the new link in the shortcode section of the homepage
  3. Replace  the Thumbnail Image
  4.  Add a new 2 sentence Description above the video thumbnail
  5. Publish Homepage

1.  Upload the video unlisted on YT

Login to DallasREIG YT channel (Ask Nicolet for login details). Click the “Create” icon. Then the upload button thereafter.

Click or drag the new video onto the screen as instructed.

Add a title to the video that correlates with the message of the video. A description isn't needed. Choose the best thumbnail from the preset options given (this may take a couple of minutes to populate, be patient). The video should be marked as not for children.

Click next to continue the upload process. Select Unlisted, this option allows the video to be viewed if the link is used.

Finalize the upload after agreeing to the copyright warning.

Copy the link that's presented on the screen.

2.  Replace the Old Link

Go to pages, then scroll to Home, hover over it, and select “Edit”.

Replace the old link in the Shortcode section of the green background side. Highlight the old link and paste in the new link.

3. Replace  the Thumbnail Image

Click the thumbnail above the shortcode section and press replace.

Upload a new thumbnail of your choosing or reach out to Christian to create a similar thumbnail to the current aesthetic of the site.

Feel free to enter the proper SEO information for the Meta description and Meta Keywords, then confirm the new upload.

4. Add a new 2 sentence Description above the video thumbnail

Above the thumbnail copy the formatting and update the description of the video, making it brief and interesting. This section should be no longer than 3 sentences to keep the current look of the homepage.

5. Press Publish, Done.

Publish by pressing the button in the top right corner, then view the homepage and test that the video is working properly.