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MailPoet: Back Up Email Template to PC

This process can prove to be useful if you want to safeguard from any system errors (local and site wise) or if you simply want to keep a template safe for use down the line in a more organized fashion within your local files.

Backing Up Email Template

1.  When the desired template is complete look to the top right next to save, click the dropdown

Click export. Save to your computer in a file folder that you will be able to remember and access later. Done.

Uploading Email Template from PC

1.  Navigate to the ‘create new email' area within MailPoet

Click this option.

2.  Look to far right of the subheader, select ‘Import'

Click this option.

3.  Select ‘Choose File', upload the file from your saved location on PC

Once the file is selected click Upload. Done.